Operant Consulting uses over 20 years of human capital experience to help businesses optimize outcomes through their people. Every size, structure, and industry has seen results from our services. Whether it's a comprehensive multi-year engagement or a highly specialized deliverable, you can expect confident leadership and creative solutions from us.


We take the lead in designing and implementing new process until fully stable and successful. The approach is hands-on, comprehensive, and complete, going well beyond traditional consulting advisory-only services. We earn the trust and respect of business leaders.


Identifying the root causes of underperforming human capital process quickly and accurately is the first step in fixing an issue. Our services include a thorough initial analysis before constructing the most appropriate solution for the organization given resources, time, and goals.


Our experience in organizational psychology and business administration combine to deliver effective custom solutions to human capital issues. This innovation is the hallmark of Operant work.


Jenifer’s ability to establish true partnerships between the client (hiring organizations) and RPO providers is unique and long overdue in the HR outsourcing space. I’ve worked with her on multiple projects with organizations who have leveraged an RPO talent acquisition strategy.  These partnerships have proven to be highly successful, ultimately netting clients with optimized hiring outcomes, improved candidate experiences, and strategically aligned partnerships.  The success of these programs have come as a result of her market knowledge and depth of understanding of the RPO industry.

Terra Doyle | Talent Operations, Senior Vice President, WilsonHCG


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